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Fix the missing skulls bug.

A neat game with great art and smooth gameplay.

My only gripes are that there's not really any value in throwing the Scythe at all, better just to max the Aura stat and use regular attacks to quickly damage all the enemies around you. Also when you kill all the enemies quickly in a level and there's still time left you need to wait for it to tick down instead of just ending the level when there's no enemies left.

I think you could really build on this concept into a larger game!

Love it!

You're quickly becoming one of my favourite content creators.

Not Really Different From Other Platformers

The 'having to die to progress' mechanic is pretty cool and unique, but the problem is that the rest of the game plays like a bland switch and block pushing platformer in both realms of the living and dead. I think you should have added some unique mechanics for each realm.

Really Good...Except

I'm having trouble at the final boss, does anyone have a walkthrough on how to beat him?

Very Simple and Cute

^^ pretty much says it all.

I enjoyed this cute little game.

I Love It!

Thank you for making this fantastic puzzle game. I keep coming back to it and am determined finish it without using any walkthroughs, keep up the great work.

Excellent Concept, Need To Build Upon It!

Basically ^that^.

I would love to see a full length game using this concept, heaps of ships and varying weapons.

The ship designs were great by the way.

Good luck with your future endeavours!

Fun Game

I enjoyed this quite a lot, being a zombie fan myself.

I also see you had some Half-Life influences, using some of the sound effects from it and the final boss resembling the Nihilanth somewhat.

Anyway, good job!

Lacking In Fun, Otherwise Fantastically Made

I don't mean to sound harsh.

The design and puzzles are well made, but for a platformer this didn't really do much for me in the addictive fun department.

I think the main problem is the lack of variety, even for a flash game, it doesn't matter what the object looks like - dodging objects is dodging objects. This, on top of the red and green switch mechanics were all you could do in order to retrieve the uhh (lets just call them power crystals to refuel your ship :P?)

In my humble opinion the game should have been 2D scrolling in the traditional sense (left to right) travelling across numerous worlds / areas of the single planet you crashed on. A way to fight back against enemies would have also been nice.

In the end I think most people prefer short and sweet flash platformers which are fun to play and are just a time-killer, you clearly had a much more expansive idea for this game and I'm not condemning you for it, you just need to keep a fine line between artistic value and enjoyment value.

I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

There's nothing to say...HONESTLY.

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