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Joke Is Overdone

This was well animated and all, but the joke about 'Mario expecting sex from Peach because he saved her and not getting it' has been done counltess times before.


Oh my god this is incredible. I had no idea this was even possible to make in Flash. Such realistic and organic animation along with real to life sound. The story was also very involving and I genuinely cared about the characters, please make more!

Lol Nice Job

Obviously trying to play on emotions with such a ridiculous premise. I think it would have been hilarious if for a different ending the son touched his armour-locked father and got electrocuted.

Lol GreatJob

I think what EgoRaptor is implying is that Reach was SO hyped that people went this crazy when they got it.

Good Job

Average artwork and animation, but the jokes / dialogue made up for that.

I enjoyed this and can relate, played many Shmups in my time :P

Nice work.


I'm giving you an 8 because it was a good animation.

But I don't really understand why he killed himself at the end if the nightmare only happened once and because the same incident happened in RL he just went 'OH FUCK THAT' and ended his life.

But I do enjoy short horror flashes, so well done on this.

Great Animation, but...

You rely too much on 'LOL THAT'S SO RANDOM!' humour, and it's really not that funny anymore.

To be completely honest the only consistently funny episode you made was the first 'Go, Go Parody Rangers!' and the rest were just mediocre comedy wise. I urge you to try something different after you've completed this Parody Rangers movie. Try some educated humour along with genuinely funny / coherent jokes.

Leave this kind of thing to EgoRaptor, I'm not a fanboy of him or anything, but he DOES what you're TRYING to do so much better.

I can't wait until this review gets weighed as 'useless' because NG doesn't know what an 'opinion' is.

Kirbopher responds:

I already plan on it. To be perfectly honest, I don't really WANT to do this anymore for reasons you've pointed out and would much rather move on to my original cartoon, however, just like how I have to submit this thing in pieces, I HAVE to do this. The sponsorship money I'm recieving is incredibly important for college, so I'm prettymuch bound to working on this project until most likely Summer of 2009.

Pretty funny.

I particularly found it humourous that Alfred was a Koala.

Great flash, truely

to start off, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go to the link that the previous reviewer stated, its a virus.

As for the animation, this was a masterpiece, even though I didn't understand fully, it was very special

heh mega

I reckon this has had enough front page time...don't you guys think?

great toon though

There's nothing to say...HONESTLY.

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